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Clinical Director

Seeds Wilderness Therapy (Seeds) works with families with troubled teens. We take teens on an intensive 10-week experience. The process includes what we refer to as Retreat, Restore, Revive. Seeds is distinctly Christian and as such combines the best practices in therapy with the teachings of Jesus and solid discipleship.

The Clinical Director’s role is to lead all aspects of the clinical/therapeutic program at Seeds.  The Director will serve both hands on as a therapist to a specific group of students and supervise other therapists and direct care workers (field staff).  The Clinical Director will envision and implement psychological goals as it relates to the program and overall therapeutic interventions.  Understanding the role that Christ may play in therapy, the Clinical Director will work closely with pastoral staff in prayer to support overall wellness in clientele. 

A large role of the Clinical Director is to support the family dynamic, and serve as the bridge that brings parents at home to their child in the wilderness. The Clinical Director will be asked to lead clinical meetings with other therapists, while maintaining a balance of authority and partnership. 

The Clinical Director will report directly to the Executive Director but will also work closely with the Field Director and participate in weekly in-service training and development of the field staff.  

All therapeutic treatment will be Christ honoring, by following Biblical truths.  

Job Duties:

  • Clinical oversight of field therapists.
  • Field staff training on clinical outcomes.
  • Partners with admissions to review and accept or reject potential students.
  • Meets with parents as needed during the admissions process in order to answer questions about the therapeutic aspects of the program.
  • Develops and implements student and parent curriculum.
  • Ensures that appropriate communication occurs between parents and students throughout the program. This includes letters, parent visits, and other types as appropriate.
  • Prays with parents, students, staff on a regular basis as needed.
  • Contributes as a member of the leadership team at Seeds and participates in planning and strategy sessions and the decision-making process.
  • Interviews hires and develops the clinical staff.
  • Review and approve all individual treatment plans for each student enrolled at Seeds. These must-have SMART objectives/goals included as part of the state licensing requirements.
  • Communicates with educational consultants and other referral sources to provide confidence in our approach and efficacy.
  • Participates in marketing and sales campaigns in order to maximize exposure to Seeds and ensure a consistent enrollment.
  • Attends regular leadership team meetings and facilitates clinical team meetings.
  • Works closely with the parent coordinator to ensure communication with parents occurs regularly.
  • Participates directly or indirectly in parent visits and graduations.
  • Develops and/or reviews the parent plan and follow up. 
  • Approves and coordinates with the field director any canine or other animal-related therapy.
  • Responds in a timely manner to parent's questions from the admissions manager or parent coordinator.
  • Oversees the weekly therapeutic process in the field with the therapist and student.
  • Contributes to the staff manual in order to help field staff understand therapeutic techniques and how what they do can help or hinder progress.
  • Interfaces with state DHS licensing representatives as required.
  • Reviews and monitors progress by using tools such as YOQ and others. 
  • Cooperates with billing specialists and parents in order to qualify for insurance reimbursements.
  • Oversees the Paraclete follow up meetings and aftercare program.
  • Ensures that Seeds is following evidence-based therapeutic practices.

Job Requirements:

  • Lives within 90 minutes of the field area (or willing to relocate)
  • Be on call for crisis management of the clinical team. 
  • Understands and helps to define the differences between Christian Wilderness Therapy and routine clinical approaches.
  • Uses Best Notes for clinical documentation
  • Uses multiple cloud-based systems to complete work, reporting, compliance, etc. 
  • Reads and understands the state requirements for child care facilities and make sure Seeds is in compliance with all the rules pertaining to clinical practice.
  • Loves and understands the wilderness and the positive effects it can have on a person's life.


  • Masters degree or PhD in psychology or related field. 
  • Must be 21+ years old
  • Five years of experience working with clients in applicable setting preferred.
  • Licensed in the state of CO or able to obtain licensure within 30 days of hire. 
  • Meet DORA requirements for becoming a supervisor
  • Support pastoral staff with a “both, and” approach.
  • Operate from a belief of the balance of psychology and theology
  • Understand how wilderness and risk relate to therapy.
  • Understand how group culture and social psychology affect the individual.
  • Understand and support the role of the Holy Spirit in counseling.
  • Will have a shepherd/pastor mindset of coaching and vision casting.
  • Experience with mental health care billing (preferred)
  • Great commission focused.
  • Mature Christian that is able to pray with and disciple others.
  • Meets biblical standards for leadership (Titus & 1 Tim)
  • Loves the church, the bride of Christ, and always moves to support families deeper into their faith. The home church will play a major role in the treatment of the family as well as aftercare of the student.
  • Must hold a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.
  • The Director may have a private practice or other sources of revenue during the start-up and/or slower seasons. 
  • Must pass background criminal investigation

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